Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mah Weekend

Yesterday, I went & saw Snow White and the Huntsman with mah friend Greer (a tots awesome person :3) her boyfriend fiance, Doug (a cool dude :3).
If you haven't seen it yet, SPOILERS!
(Anything highlighted is what I have to saw about the movie)
The grossest part: When Queen Raveena skewers a bird heart & eats it.
The funny part is that when William kisses Snow White and she doesn't wake up,
I did a fist pump cause I support Huntsman x Snow White.
And when Huntsman was talking to Snow as she slept,
I was whispering over and over again
"Kiss her! Just kiss her already! For godsake, kiss the girl!"
And when she woke up after the kiss,
I pretty much died.
& I was waiting for the Hunstman to get up & scream THOOOOOOOOOOOOR!!!
But what kinda wrecked it for me was whenever Snow White got hurt,
all I could think was
"Bella Swan is finally getting her just-rewards!"

my dad & sister went up to our cabin,
leaving me, my bro and mah mum at home.
Everything is so quiet w/out Lucy here!
It's some funky junk bro!
I can't believe it. :)
Neither can Sam.

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