Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Homestuck (A day late, sorry bout that!)

Sorry I forgot to update yesterday, everything was kinda hectic.
But, here's my opinion of HOMESTUCK!

it's pretty awesome and weird at the same time.
It's pretty hard to describe how insane it is.
But I'll try...

(I'm mostly gonna fill this post with fanart emma found.)

Ok, so, these 4 kids,

John                                       Rose                                                 Dave                                     and Jade,
 Start playing a videogame.
But then some meteors try to kill them all off,
and they get some weird crap from an alchemy machine and get transported to 4 different locations...
and for some reason their houses went too.
We find out some background about them,
(Rose's cat died, Jade has a robot that does what she dreams, John's dad has a boring job)
we meet people from the future,
we find out that leaving a guitar somewhere that you'll never go back to is a bad idea,
we meet some trolls who are literally trolling the kids,
(if you've been watching up to this point via youtube,
then the annoying british narrator voice thing becomes the way you think)
etc. etc. etc.

The whole thing acts like a giant video game,
but John's dead grandma (the Nannasprite) says it's not.
John & his friends stopped playing some stupid video game a long time ago.
Which is kind of annoying, when you think about it.
But that doesn't really matter.
What matters is that apparently, they are saving the universe....
or something.

bottom line is:
Homestuck is awesome.
Slow in the begining,
but still epic.
Has a large cussing factor,
& can be a tad pervvy at points,
but all around,
it's a wicked web comic.


  1. pshhhh I found those pics they're in my favorites!

  2. a *tad* pervvy?! Have you read it?! It's way more than a tad!!!

    Especially with Dave and the puppets *shudder*...